Calls for admission to the PPGOB


          Attention to the special selection for the Ph.D. program that is currently open until October 31, 2021. Download the announcement here.

          The exams for admission to the Graduate Program in Biological Oceanography at the master's and doctoral levels are carried out every six months. As an exception due to the pandemic, and in accordance to the recommendations of the Federal University of Rio Grande (Article 9 of Deliberation 25/2020 of the Teaching, Research, Extension and Administration Council, COEPEA), the entrance exams are being held only remotely.

         TESTS: The selection for the master's degree is composed of an English test and a test of knowledge in Biological Oceanography; the selection for the doctorate is composed of an English test, a test on the interpretation of a scientific article in the field, and an evaluation/defense of the candidate's work plan. For both the master's and doctoral selections, the candidates' résumés are also evaluated, and the marks are included in the final grade.

         INSCRIPTION AND DOCUMENTS: The rules for each selection are published in the SELECTION NOTICES. All documents related to each selection (selection notices, results, thesis plan models, etc...) are available at FURG's SISPOSG site. Applications are also made through SISPOSG's site, under the "selections" tab.

         ANNOUNCEMENT OF INGRESSION EDITALS: The opening of new selection calls and the announcement of the results will be made through this site, and also through the PPGOB profiles on Instagram and Facebook.

            For additional information, please contact the selection committee via email (