We currently have 29 regular courses that cover a wide range of subjects and areas of study in Marine Sciences. All courses of the program are offered in a condensed format with a bi-monthly duration.

Current courses

Fundamentals of Oceanography

Bayesian Decision Analysis (01072P)

Fisheries Assessment and Management (OC045)

Bioecology of Cephalopods (OC090)

Bioecology of Cyanobacteria (QU009)

Marine Mammal Biology (OC052)

Marine Zooplankton Biology (OC039)

Microbial Food Chain in Marine Environments (OC062)

Estuarine Fish Ecology (0CO87)

Phytoplankton and Marine Protozooplankton Ecology (OC048)

Ichthyoplankton Ecology (OC050)

Physiological Effects of Pollution (FG004)

Teaching Internship Doctorate (EDGOBD)

Teaching Internship Master’s (EDGOBM)

Experimental Statistics (01055P)

Multivariate Statistics (01056P)

PhysioEcology of Marine Phytoplankton (OC035)

Hydroacoustics applied to fisheries, fisheries research and marine ecology (OC080)

Ichthyology (OC009)

Population Parameters in Fisheries (OC044)

Marine Chemistry (QU002)

Doctoral thesis (TE002)

Master's thesis (TE001)

Scientific Methodology: Projects and Seminars I

Scientific Methodology: Projects and Seminars II

Coastal Benthos Ecology

Marine Mammal Interactions with Fishing Activities

Use of Stable Isotopes in Aquatic Ecology

Physical-biological Processes in the Ocean for Sensing

Advanced Techniques for Habitat Modeling of Marine Fauna

Seabird Ecology

Ecology of Macroalgae and Submerged Phanerogams

Reproductive Biology of Chondrichthyes

* Courses offered as “Special Topics” will be announced every semester